Favorite Youtube Channels pt. 1

Dan Bell / This is Dan Bell Do you like dead malls? Creepy abandoned buildings? Dirty hotel and motel rooms? Then this is the channel for you! The quality of Dan Bell's videos is insane - though his posting is occasionally sporadic, each upload is worth the wait, as his projects are always polished and … Continue reading Favorite Youtube Channels pt. 1

Worth 1000 Words #4: The Limping Duck

Allow me to tell you a story about The Limping Duck. It actually sounds like a name for a pub or a tavern of some sort. A cozy, if ¬†eccentric hole in the wall known for attracting curious passersby while¬†managing to land few regulars. I'm sensing a semi-nautical theme, perhaps antique style with a floral … Continue reading Worth 1000 Words #4: The Limping Duck