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“Allie Frost’s debut book I’m With You is a passionate and gripping novel that draws the reader into her world with dynamic characters and an engaging story line.”Literary Titan’s review.

It’s hard to believe that I’m With You by Allie Frost is this author’s first novel. Expertly written, Frost has set the stage for a great future of significant and entertaining works that will appeal to teens and adults alike.” – Amazon Reviewer

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My debut novel I’m With You is available…

Here! (Amazon)
Here! (Barnes and Noble)
Here! (Books a Million)

E-book :
Here! (Amazon/Kindle)
Here! (Nook)

Pages: 371 (print) 241 (Kindle) 213 (Nook)

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Adventure/Fantasy (I refer to it as “vaguely steampunk”)

Synopsis: I’m With You is the story of fifteen year old Ciarán Morrigan and his little sister Remiel, who must flee their home and wealthy lifestyle in Kelvar City to escape their mentally unstable father. Along the way, they meet a band of misfits, including a fire juggler and a disowned heir to a car-manufacturing empire, who help Ciarán and Remiel evade the hired hands sent to track them down. But the path ahead is full of danger, and when Remiel’s darkest secret is revealed, will their new friends abandon them, or will the Morrigan siblings find the freedom and peace that they dream of?

This book was polished and published with assistance and services provided by the folks over at Dragon Tree Books.

I'm With You


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