Hi, my name is Allie Frost.


It is not my actual name. I chose the pen name “Frost” because my grandma once rode the train with Robert Frost and he bought her an ice cream cone, although I am under no delusions that I can ever be a poet, much less one as great as him.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minor in Film Studies from Western New England University, class of 2013.

I’m With You
(2016) is my first published (indie) novel, available here. More information is available on my Published Works page. I hope to tell more stories soon!

My favorite color is gray, my favorite season is fall, my favorite smell is pine, and my favorite animal is the Himalayan black bear. I enjoy going to the movies, jogging (slowly), reading, taking photos of my cat, traveling, drinking absurd amounts of coffee (dark roast only), and playing video games. I collect classic books and books with interesting/unique covers and I don’t like three-pronged forks.

Check out my contact page for my other social media accounts.

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