Favorite Youtubers pt. 2

Beth Crowley Beth Crowley is a singer-songwriter who posts her own original songs, many of which are inspired by young adult novels, and also covers of popular songs and other vlog-type discussion videos. I absolutely adore her videos and her songs – my favorites are probably “Midnight,” which is based on Marissa Meyer’s book Cinder,Continue reading “Favorite Youtubers pt. 2”

Current Tunes #4

Judah and the Lion – Suit and Jacket One of my local radio stations has recently gone from mainstream pop to alternative and indie rock, and this great song is one discovery I’ve made thus far. The whole theme of not “trading my youth for no suit and jacket” while still grappling with matters ofContinue reading “Current Tunes #4”

Current Tunes #3

Some selections from my current writing playlist… Stranger in the North – Namewee ft. Leehom Wang (or G.E.M. Tang) Though I was quite the J-Pop aficionado back in the day, my appreciation eventually grew to cover C-Pop and a bit of K-Pop. Though I haven’t kept up with it much in recent years, this tuneContinue reading “Current Tunes #3”

Current Tunes

For a bit of a smaller post this Friday, I thought I’d take a moment to list some of the songs that feature on my current playlist and have helped to boost my motivation lately. Lauren Aquilina – Fools  I only recently discovered this artist and am super bummed she doesn’t make music anymore (performing-wise,Continue reading “Current Tunes”