Mini Oscars Reaction 2021

(I usually just jot down my reactions whole watching the Oscars, and this year was no different…. EXCEPT I FORGOT TO POST THIS ON MONDAY. LOL. So here it is many days late.)

Ugh, Carey Mulligan’s dress. 😍 Gorgeous.

Well, the setting is pretty!

I actually saw all the short films except documentary this year so I am stoked to be able to guess winners with more insight.

I, too, remember when Diane Keaton wore a plaid trench to the Oscars. It was great.

Where has Matthew McConaughey been

Ugh. A movie montage gets me every time. 😭

Emerald Fennel ❀️ Great British Compliment-Off between her and Mulligan.

Ooooh Riz Ahmed in that suit. 😍

Amanda Seyfried’s dress is KILLER.

Is Daniel Pemberton Keith Urban’s long lost cousin

Wait, don’t tell me I missed Husavik!!??!! I hope not!!! I didn’t know this started earlier or I would have started watching sooner.

This song is incredible. πŸ”₯ Her voice is so clear!!!

Daniel Kaluuya. That’s it.

Is Trial of the Chicago Seven up for Makeup and Hairstyling? Because Mark Rylance’s wig in that movie was a crime.

ALAN S. KIM!!!!!!! Playing his Switch in the background!!! 🀣🀣🀣

Metallics and semi-bare midriffs seem to be the dress theme tonight

Angela Basset always looks amazing. Even in those sleeves.

Seeing Chloe Zhao reminds me how excited I am to see Eternals!!!

H.E.R. Stun.Ning.

Please, please tell me that performing the songs ahead of time will make the actual ceremony shorter. Please. For the love of all things I hold dear.

EMERALD FENNEL for original screenplay!!!!!! YESSSSSSS SO DESERVED!!!

Ugh, The Father was so heart-wrenching. And Florian Zeller can GET IT.

I suppose I will add Another Round to my “To Watch” list.

Lakeith and Daniel should not have to go against each other but it is what it is, I’m pulling for Daniel but Paul Raci was incredible as well.

Well-deserved. Daniel Kaluuya was spellbinding in that film.

So… We not showing clips of the movies? That’s the part I like the most. 😩

West Side Story? Okay. I guess.

It does take a lot of work to make Viola Davis look like Ma Rainey. Because she is beautiful and did NOT look it in that film.

Oh thank god one less speech

The lovely translator is back! Bong Joon HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

YEEEAH CHLOE ZHAO!!!!!!!! And Swankie is there!!!! 😭

Sound of Metal better win this.


Ugh, all the short films were so good. But I really want Two Distant Strangers to win.

YESSSSSS they should have brought the dog though.

Seriously. No clips of the movies? Wtf, man.

Genius Loci was my favorite and Burrow was the cutest but I am sure it is going to If Anything Happens, I Love You because it was definitely the most powerful.

I recommend all the shorts, live action and animated.

Onward was the last film I saw in theaters before the shut down, it was v good but I think Soul takes it.

I did not have a chance to watch the documentaries this year but NEXT YEAR I SHALL.

Vivre la France!!!!!!

I want an Octopus for a teacher. 😩

A Tenet win!!! What a nice surprise. No one can say it wasn’t a visually stunning movie! And the shortest speech of the night, thank god.

Yuh-Jung Youn! Or Olivia. Or Amanda. I can’t pick.

This woman is a TREASURE. “I’m luckier than you.” LMFAO. Best speech of the night.

That woman looked SO ANGRY lol

Mank! A movie for all us unironic Citizen Kane lovers. Though I thought The Father was a shoo in.

UGHHHHH Sean Bobbit for Judas and the Black Messiah was my fave for Cinematography but Mank was a close second. So no disappointment here.

Helloooooo Mr. Ford!

I understand it’s a huge opportunity and honor to win an Oscar but DEAR GOD they need to put a time limit on the speeches. Let them record a longer version off camera and upload it to the Academy Youtube or something.

❀️ Tyler Perry

Actually disappointed in the score winner, Blanchard is incredible. 😩 His score for BlackKklansman was snubbed and I am STILL SO BITTER. But I digress….

Let’s. πŸ‘Get.πŸ‘Moving.πŸ‘People.

So, no In Memoriam?

Oh no there it is.


This show does not need to be over 3 hours. And I LIKE the Oscars. They are BARELY showing clips of anything and it’s too long already.

Best Picture before Best Actor and Actress? Weird flex but okay.

Wow, not expecting the Nomadland win but it is def deserving. A very good film with an intimate feel!

Viola Davis and Frances McDormand are forces to be reckoned with but I am pulling for Mulligan….

Butttt Fran is fine too. 😊

Okay, she is the queen of speeches.

Will Joaquin Phoenix mention cows again?

So we end with no speech because Hopkins ain’t there. Well planned, Oscars. πŸ˜‘

Obviously expecting the Boseman win, and he 100000% deserved it – but people best not blame Anthony Hopkins for this, because he was incredible in The Father. If anything, blame the damn Academy.

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