Birthdays… everyone’s got one, but how a person feels about their birthday can vary.

My birthday was yesterday. As someone who is not 100% comfortable with the idea of getting older – who accepts it as an inevitability, but doesn’t look forward to it – turning 27 isn’t much cause for celebration.

On Saturday, I went out to breakfast, took in a matinee of Shazam! with my family, then went to work for a closing shift. On my actual birthday, I had to work 10-6:30, so I picked up my free latte from Starbucks on my way in, then spent the entirety of my day at my job. Came home and ate a delicious dinner with my parents, opened a couple of gifts, then spent the remainder of the night watching high-speed police chase videos on Youtube, as one does.

Not your standard birthday, but totally fine for me. I mean, 27 isn’t a milestone, so obviously there wasn’t going to be some big blowout party, which I wouldn’t have wanted anyway. For my sweet 16, my sister took me to pet cows. For my 21st, I went to Applebees with some college friends and had a margarita. And in each case, I had a great time.

Point is, I’m not a birthday person – but that’s just when it comes to my own. If my friends and loved ones choose to celebrate their birthdays in a bigger fashion, I will happily participate. I love buying birthday gifts for people and celebrating their presence in my life.

Still, the way some people revere birthdays is a mystery to me – not that I have anything against the way people choose to celebrate. You do you, folks. But in some cases, I just don’t understand it.

I’ve heard coworkers complain about being scheduled to work on their birthday, especially since my line of work has a lot of “blackout” periods where you aren’t permitted to ask for time off. But if your birthday is smack in the middle of the week, like… what do you expect?

I also recently saw someone post on facebook about celebrating the last night of their birthday week. Why would you need an entire week?

I also fail to understand how people want to be treated like royalty just because it’s their birthday. Does anyone actually enjoy being sung to in restaurants by the wait staff, with everyone else in the room staring at you? Like, I only played the “it’s my birthday” card to get out of having to wash the dishes after dinner last night.

Thus, I am curious to know how others feel about birthdays. Are you a “go out to a nice dinner and catch a movie” type of person, or a “wild party, and celebrate all week” kind of person?

3 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Happy belated birthday! In my case, as a father, most of my focus is on my kids. But one day a year, it’s nice to have focus on me, so I go all out (as I am able, of course).

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    1. Thank you!
      Interesting to hear another opinion! And my sister is like that; which I totally get. It is the one day a year where the focus should be on you if you want it!


  2. I’m not a birthday person either. Similarly, I’m not against people getting psyched and going all out for their birthdays, I’m just against celebrating my own lol. I’d say it comes with age, but few of my cousins in their mid 30s INSIST on the whole “birthday week,” it’s maddening. The last birthday I truly enjoyed was my 21st, which I feel is everyone’s final rite of passage going onto adulthood. After that, mustering the enthusiasm to celebrate year after year is so… exhausting.

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