The Digi-Piggy

I received a package in the mail this week. That package contained a glorious piece of porcine machinery known as the Digi-Piggy.


Like most scatter-brained individuals, I am notorious for misplacing things. Just last week, I took a pair of brown shoes from my closet to wear to work. I set them down somewhere, went to do something else, and forgot where I put them. It’s been six days, and I still haven’t found them. They’re lost in the abyss somewhere with my St. Patrick’s Day socks (couldn’t find them in time for this year) and about a billion bobby-pins and hair-ties.

As such, I purchased the Digi-Piggy so I would have somewhere to keep my loose change. My wallet is literally splitting at the seams because of all the coins I have, including several British coins from my vacation last May, and last week I cleaned my room and found pennies in some very odd places. I wanted an efficient (and adorable) way to keep my coin situation in check.

Unfortunately, my scatter-brained-ness is not exclusive to physical possessions. It also includes thoughts. Goals, both long and short term. I forget a lot of things, or lose traction midway through something because my mind is spread out in a thousand different directions and I can’t find my way back.

Sometimes, it takes a little prompting to get my priorities in focus. Especially when I feel like certain goals or ideas are impossible, and then I lose all motivation before I can even start planning.

I’m hoping that my acquisition of the Digi-Piggy will not only help me with my loose-change problem, I’m hoping it will help keep me focused on a dream that I’ve had for many years now. I very much want to go to New Zealand someday – in part to satisfy the Lord of the Rings fanatic side of me, in part because it looks like such a beautiful place to go, and in part because I have a burning travel-fever to cure. Unfortunately, that dream is a long ways off, with me being a semi-recent grad with loans and bills to pay.

I know the road to my dream will be a looooooong one (have you seen the price of tickets to fly to NZ?), but my Digi-Piggy is going to help me out, a little bit at a time. I’ll be saving in other ways, of course, but all of my spare change – diligently counted by my Digi-Piggy – is going to my NZ fund. It’s just a tiny step, but I enjoyed depositing all of my spare change and seeing the digital $3.04 on the piggy’s nose, and it made me feel like I was getting somewhere.

$3.04 toward my trip, and all of my spare change is out of my wallet. Killing two bird with one stone – or, rather- solving two problems with one piggy.

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