Writing Techniques: Setting

I bet y'all looked at the title of this post and thought that this would be about creating settings for a story, right? GUESS AGAIN! I actually want to talk about "setting" in the context of the writing process. Like, the setting where the actual writing takes place... the "work space," if you will. Where the so-called... Continue Reading →


Writing Techniques: Phases

I think every writer - whether professional or amateur - goes through phases. As a teenager, I wrote fanfiction. I don't mean to admit this in a dramatic fashion, like admitting past alcoholism or addiction. I'm not ashamed of this tidbit of my writing history - but it is definitely a practice that I never intend to return... Continue Reading →

Writing Techniques: Character Names

Minor/minimal spoilers ahead. Like a lot of authors/writers, I prefer to give my characters unique names - and I often choose names with particular meanings. This is not the case for all names I choose, as some are just selected by random, but most of the names I pick have a specific meaning and purpose. My... Continue Reading →

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