This next week…

The dreaded black cloud known as “Inventory” looms above me at work this week.

My brain is fried already. Last week, I spent two hours attempting to find barcode numbers for over a hundred miscellaneous pairs of men’s underwear. I struggled to differentiate between at least 6 different types of jeggings. We received a massive shipment of winter sweaters that we aren’t allowed to put out yet, so we had to find a place to stow them. I discovered that our entire bra section had been mis-tagged during a marking event, which meant the entire department needed to be redone in less than a week. I banged my knee on a stepladder, then broke a door off of a jewelry case – in separate incidents.

So… in short… this post is a dud. I have a 12 hour shift on Tuesday, and I need to conserve all mental energy for it. But there will be a better post on Friday.

Published by Allie Frost

Allie Frost never wears matching socks and she is a MASSIVE coffee snob. Allie has a bachelor's degree in English Literature with a minor in Film Studies from Western New England University. She was a member of the class of '13 and studied abroad in England during the summer of 2011. In late 2014, Frost submitted an entry to the Indie Genius Contest for Writers held by Dragon Tree Books. Her entry, entitled I'm With You, won first place, is out in both print and ebook formats NOW! Links are on the Works Published page! She has a totally healthy obsession with Batman, loves going to the movies, and enjoys playing video games. She also eats pizza with utensils, but hopefully that won't ruin your opinion of her. Photo cred: Rosielou Photography

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