This next week…

The dreaded black cloud known as “Inventory” looms above me at work this week.

My brain is fried already. Last week, I spent two hours attempting to find barcode numbers for over a hundred miscellaneous pairs of men’s underwear. I struggled to differentiate between at least 6 different types of jeggings. We received a massive shipment of winter sweaters that we aren’t allowed to put out yet, so we had to find a place to stow them. I discovered that our entire bra section had been mis-tagged during a marking event, which meant the entire department needed to be redone in less than a week. I banged my knee on a stepladder, then broke a door off of a jewelry case – in separate incidents.

So… in short… this post is a dud. I have a 12 hour shift on Tuesday, and I need to conserve all mental energy for it. But there will be a better post on Friday.

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